Specialized Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance Programs

For many trees and shrubs, our Classic Tree and Shrub Program will be sufficient to treat disease and prevent future issues from occurring.   The Classic Tree and Shrub Program offers foliar pesticide and fungicide sprays to control a broad range of insect and disease problems.  In some cases, a specialized maintenance program designed around the specific tree is required to renew your tree and shrubs to their original health.

Apple Scab Program

Apple Scab is a fungus that is spread by insects and birds. This program is specifically designed to help reduce the Apple Scab fungus and keep it from spreading. Three foliar fungicide applications are recommended to suppress Apple Scab.

Austrian Pine Program

Diplodia Tip Blight is a fungus that affects Austrian Pines. Three foliar fungicide applications re used to suppress the spread of Diploidia. Also recommended is maintenance control by the homeowner by removing fallen cones and needles from the base of the tree.

Birch Program

Birch Trees have two potential problems in Michigan landscapes – Leaf Miner and Birch Borer. These insects can cause not only defoliation but also the death of the trees. This program consists of two foliar spray applications for control of Leaf Miner and an injection to control Birch Borer.

Euonymus Program

Euonymus is subject to scale insect problems at any time of the season. The Euonymus Program is a series of three foliar spray applications strategically scheduled during the season.

Fire Blight Program

Fire Blight is a potentially deadly fungus that quickly attacks Crab Apple Trees, ornamental Pear Trees, and Cotoneaster. Fire Blight lesions appear on the leaf tissue and quickly move to infect the entire branch. The Fire Blight Program consists of two foliar applications of an anti-biotic and fungicide. Sever cases may also require a Mauget injection.

Fruit Tree Reduction Program

Unwanted ornamental fruit can be reduced by as much as 75% by three foliar applications at the proper time of the season. Although not all fruit is eliminated, reductions can help keep areas clean of fruit drop.

Hawthorn Program

Cedar-Hawthorn Rust affects Hawthorn Trees. This fungus can be reduced by three foliar fungicide applications that will keep the leaves free of the rust fungus.

White Pine Program

Up to six applications of a foliar fungicide are applied for control of needle funguses. For control of insects, a combination of foliar spraying and soil soaking application is required.