Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Care FAQ

We have completed this list of “Frequently Asked Questions” to assist our customers with answers to the questions most often asked. Simply click on a given question below to see the corresponding answer.

  • Will you (as my representative) be doing the work?

    A fully qualified crew will be assigned to implement your tree care. The representative will as a rule visit your property at the beginning of the job to review the work order with the foreman and more importantly, at the end of the job to approve the work done. He will also will perform plant assessments and diagnose plant health problems.

  • Do I have to be home when you do the work?

    In most cases, no. If you prefer to be present, we will try to accommodate your schedule. We have to be able to get onto your property and bring in equipment if necessary. It is our goal to perform tree services safely and efficiently with a minimum of inconvenience to the client.

  • What is an Arborist?

    An Arborist is a person who through education and professional experience is qualified in all aspects of landscape plant care and who meets specified criteria.

  • Can my tree be topped?

    Topping is considered unprofessional work. In fact, standards for tree care published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), specifically prohibit topping. Topping promotes decay and produces rapid growth of water-sprouts (limbs that are weakly attached). It decreases the tree’s ability to produce energy (photosynthesis) due to leaf reduction, weakening its vigor and starving the tree.

  • What is wrong with my tree? What do you recommend? Does it need pruning, pest management, fertilization, removal (hazardous)?

    Sometimes tree care is a multiple-choice answer — the diagnosis may not be obvious. An Arborist will identify the problem area(s), recommend program of treatment and perform procedures necessary. We prefer preventative care programs — maintaining healthy landscapes — avoiding decline and damage rather than reactive tree care that is performed after problems occur.

  • Will all pruning cuts be painted?

    Research has shown that tree paints do not suppress insect pests, disease or decay or provide any benefit to the plant. Certain wound dressing may actually damage plant cells.

  • Will heavy equipment be brought onto my property?

    It is possible, with your permission. If we have to we will use plywood to minimize the impact on the landscape. Keep in mind that this is heavy equipment and some impressions in the lawn are likely.

  • Will you remove the debris from the job?

    Yes, unless otherwise agreed upon at the point of sale. Cleanup is an important factor in tree care. It is advised to clearly discuss what you expect with your Arborist/Representative.

  • When is the best time of year to prune?

    Light pruning and shrub shearing for proper property management are done any time of the year. Major pruning and pruning done on Oak and American Elms are done during the tree’s dormant stage throughout the winter months (October 15 — March 15).

  • Will the pesticides used on my property for pest management harm my children or pets?

    Westside Forestry uses only the least toxic products available for landscape plant care. They are all registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Our technicians are trained and tested by the State of Michigan and our Company.

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